Fairgrounds Clean Up

Horse and Pony Facility Work day activities Main Arena WeedClean around bleachersReplace rotten boards on  porch overhang near officePaint boards near officeDig out under fence (allow better drainage) Make-up Arena WeedClean around bleachersDig out under fence where necessary to (allow better drainage)Check/ repair fence boards Open Barn: Level out dirt in Stallsclean/sweep barnCheck/ fix stalls … Continue reading Fairgrounds Clean Up

Covid Health Screening

Upon entry to the 4-H meeting, all attendees need to complete the Covid Health Screening. Until we are advised differently from Purdue, we will be adhering to the approved safety plans. Health screening forms can be completed prior to arriving at the meeting. Here's the link!

Vaccination Form

Time for vaccinations are near! It's time to be ready for the 2021 season. Be sure to note that the Strangles vaccine is listed as recommended by Purdue but LaPorte county does require it. Vaccination Form

2020 Trophies

The 2020 Trophy Sponsorships are now live on our website. It's time for you to pick your trophy, select whether you would like a memorial or a congratulatory engraving, and submit your payment. It's as easy as that! The Club and the members are responsible for selling trophies for every class at fair. https://www.weebly.com/app/website/cms/drafts/Q9qvzR2B8oT5xmoLEgVxiNogNzq/ Western … Continue reading 2020 Trophies


Welcome to the LaPorte County 4-H EZ Riders Horse and Pony! We are excited to have a centralized and organized site for you to find all the information to have a safe and fun experience. The 2019 Horse and Pony Season is very promising!