2020 4-H Project Requirements

2020 4-H Horse and Pony Requirements:

While we are all disappointed that we cannot compete at the county fair, we still have to complete the 4-H Project to count as a year. 

This year you still need to sign you and your horse up by July 1st on https://www.4honline.com/ and pay your state and club dues.

You also need to complete 1 of the following choices:

  1. Chapters 1 and 2 on your 4-H Horse and Pony Book.
  2. Complete an educational poster about any horse topic

-Use drawings, cut outs, magazine pictures, markers, etc to create a creative fun educational poster about horses. Posters will be turned in and shared with other E-Z Riders. 

  1. Write an essay about any horse topic.

-Please write a 3-5 paragraph essay about a horse topic you would like to learn more about. Paragraphs should be 5 sentences at a minimum each. Research your topic and write what you learned. Make sure to tell us where you got your information from. 

  1. Complete a demonstration

    -Demonstrations should be video recorded and emailed to the 4-H     

          horse and Pony email or sent to our facebook messenger.   

          Demonstrations should follow the standard 4-H rubric. 

All projects should be age appropriate and difficulty should be based upon your age division. 

Deadline for projects at this time is August 1st. We will let you know when and where projects can be turned in after we coordinate with the extension office. Thank you!