Upcoming 2023 Important Dates

Dates to Remember:

March18-19th————————- Tack sale at Fairgrounds from 9a-4p

March 21st—————————Horse and Pony meeting @7pm at Community building

April 18th—————————Horse and Pony meeting @7pm

April 24th————————–Culver’s give back night

April 29th—————————–Horse vaccination day at Fairgrounds from 10a-12p

May 1st ———————- Animal Registration deadline

May 16th ———————- Horse and Pony meeting @7pm Horse and Pony area

June 1st ———————– Absolute Last Day for Vaccines (may not participate in horse functions without vaccines.)

June 2nd- June 4th———– ——— Horse Camp Horse and Pony Area

June 5th———————————-Culver’s give back night

June 20th ——————— Horse and Pony meeting @ 7:00 Horse and Pony Arena

June 20th ——————— Clean-up Work Day before meeting 5:30-7:00 H/P Arena

July 7th-July 15th———– 2023 LaPorte County Fair

August 1st————————-Culver’s give back night

October 3rd———————–Culver’s give back night

December 18th——————–Culver’s give back night