Facility Usage

4-H members:

The Horse and Pony facility (excluding the office) is open to any 4-H member to use free of charge as long as it does not interfere with any sponsored activity. Members/family will need to abide by the following:

i. Park in an approved area
ii. Ensure adequate adult supervision

iii. Ensure no other 4-H group is using area

iv. Clean up after yourself and your animal. Dispose of any waste in appropriate area.

Non 4-H members:

i. Any individual or group wishing to utilize the Horse and Pony facility will be required to formally ask permission either verbally or in writing at a normal committee meeting.

1. Fees will be determined based on the best interest of both parties involved and be received by the committee within 15 days after said event. 2. Any group that utilizes the 4-H Horse and Pony facility will be responsible for providing a Certificate of Insurance during the event and any clean-up after the event including stall cleaning.

ii. Examples of possible facility charges:

1. Flat fee of 10% gross income

2. Stall usage: $15/ stall per day if cleaned or $30/ stall per day if left uncleaned

3. Office and technology fee : $250/day

4. Tractor and drag fee – $200/day (Must use horse and pony drag in arena’s)