Volunteers and Clinicians

Horse Camp Volunteer: Heidi Bickel

Hey there! My name is Heidi Bickel. I’ve been around horses all of my life, and I was a 10-year 4-H member in the La Porte County E-Z Riders program. I continue to be involved in this program by helping younger riders with my horses, and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned over the years. I’ve participated in horse camp as both a camper and a youth leader, and I can’t wait for another fun camp this year!

Hi. My name is Kristen Mizia. I completed all 10 years in horse and Pony as well as being one of the the 2007 Ambassadors. I was a youth volunteer for 3 years for horse camp while I was in 4-h.

I have had successful show career both in open shows and color breed shows. I have several Buckskin horse Congress and International buckskin Horse Association Champion titles. I am also one of the Laporte Equestrian team coaches.

I enjoy teaching kids how to handle and ride horses. I started from scratch as a child learning how to ride and I understand and appreciate how important it is to have solid guidance when learning this sport. That is the reason why I continue to help any and all people that I see may need some guidance or ask for it.

It will be a pleasure working with and helping these young members as they start their journey with EZ Riders.

Horse Camp Volunteer: Danielle Ekovich

Hey families! My name is Danielle Ekovich. I was born into the horse world! My family has always owned horses and been involved in our 4-H club. I was a horse and pony member for 10 years. I have now been a 4-H volunteer for 10 years where I have been a leader for our Horseless Horse Club.

I currently have 4 horses, 1 pony, and 1 miniature horse. My family loves to take our horses camping and go trail riding.

This will be my 5th year helping at horse camp and I love being a part of the experience. I look forward to meeting all of the kids and all of the fun we will have at horse camp!