Vaccination Form

Time for vaccinations are near! It's time to be ready for the 2021 season. Be sure to note that the Strangles vaccine is listed as recommended by Purdue but LaPorte county does require it. Vaccination Form

January Meeting AVAILABLE!

Here is the link to our January meeting. It will be available for 30 days, then it will automatically delete. Passcode for meeting. rQvr95v#

Horse and Pony January 19th Virtual Meeting

E-Z Riders Horse and Pony NewsletterJanuary, 2021 January Meeting: The next 4-H Horse and Pony meetings will be on January 19th 2021. This meeting will be100% virtual. At the meeting we will vote on officers and outline the expectations of our 2021 season. As witheverything else, it will look different than past years. January 19, … Continue reading Horse and Pony January 19th Virtual Meeting