1. The LaPorte County Horse & Pony club, along with the “committee.” officially support free clinics held locally in the county by approved clinician leaders that have completed the proper 4-H volunteer certification forms. Clinics are designed to be educational as well as encourage safety around the horse. Any activity outside the officially supported clinics will not be accepted as participation towards your 4-H packet for Fair.
    1. In order to earn credit for a clinic, a member must be in attendance for the entire clinic time and be an active participant at the event. 
    2. Horse Camp can be used as a substitute for two clinics for any members that participate as riders and/or Junior Leader
    3. More advanced riders are strongly encouraged to team up with inexperienced riders to promote and encourage horsemanship and safety.
    4. Team tournament members receive one clinic credit per team tournament practice attended, up to a maximum of two clinic credits.
    5. Drill team members receive credit for 2 clinics if they complete drill team.