Horse Camp & Education Posters

Horse Camp

1st and 2nd Year Members

Horse Camp is a weekend event designed for 1st and 2nd year members to attend and learn how to be more accomplished with their horsemanship skills. Adults and fellow 4-H members lead the children in skills development. This overnight event is held May 13-15 2022. In years past horse camp has been an overnight event and we are working towards making that happen again in 2022. Stay tuned for details!

To register your rider bring the attached forms with your payment to your local meeting, email it to, or mail it to PO Box 28, LaPorte, IN 46352

Horse Camp Jr. Leaders

Jr Leaders are also needed for the weekend. The attached applications can be used for 5th Year and Older Leaders interested in assisting with the weekend.
To submit your application to volunteer bring the attached forms to your local meeting, email it to, or mail it to PO Box 28, LaPorte, IN 46352

Horse and Pony Education Poster

1. A way for members to learn more about individual topics and educate the public on equine. Ownership/lease of a horse is not required. The following suggestions are ideas for horse posters, but can be anything educating the public about any aspect of horses and ponies.

4-H members need not be limited to just these mentioned topics:

• Level 1 – grades 3-5: Poster topics could include horse care, horse breeds, barn management, how a horse communicates, horse disciplines, tack/use of equipment, etc.

• Level 2 – grades 6-8: Poster topics could include responsible horse ownership, uses of horses, disease/parasite prevention, careers with horses, showmanship, hippology, etc.

• Level 3 – grades 9-12: Poster topics could include learning life-skills with the horse project, your horse and the law, nutrition, animal health, animal welfare, horse judging, proper seat, equitation, etc.