2020 Trophies

The 2020 Trophy Sponsorships are now live on our website. It's time for you to pick your trophy, select whether you would like a memorial or a congratulatory engraving, and submit your payment. It's as easy as that! The Club and the members are responsible for selling trophies for every class at fair. https://www.weebly.com/app/website/cms/drafts/Q9qvzR2B8oT5xmoLEgVxiNogNzq/ Western … Continue reading 2020 Trophies

Attn: 12th Grade EZ Riders

It’s hard to imagine all of the year end requests will soon be upon our graduating EZ Riders! It’s time to start sending your favorite senior photo (vertical please) with your equestrian counterpart to lp4hhorse@gmail.com. If you have a professional photograph please ensure we have permission to use your photo on the senior banners.

Gift Card for Baby Jaclyn

At the January meeting the youth voted to continue our support of Volunteer Mike Roebuck’s Granddaughter, Jaclyn. Baby Jaclyn has had some health challenges but the Horse and Pony Club want to pitch in with gift cards of any size. Bring those cards to the February meeting!